Award Winning Water Management Platform for Commercial Buildings

Cloud-enabled hardware devices that connect any valve, meter or sensor.


The reed dashboard provides a platform to control, monitor & optimize plumbing systems.

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One platform, one solution, for everything plumbing.

Pick your hardware.  Pick your favorite plumbing fixtures.  Bring them onto the cloud-based online dashboard.

Control.  Monitor.  Manage your systems.


Connect your favorite plumbing fixtures to your curated platform

We're not a plumbing fixture manufacture.  There's enough great brands out there.  Instead, pick your favorite, well known and trusted fixtures and connect them to the cloud, with powerful software

Valves. Meters. Sensors.  Everything you need, everything you want.

Retrofit or new.

Low-rise or high-rise buildings.

We'll design, help install and support you as your water management consultant.

Every building is different.  Every customer has different needs.

Let us curate a platform to solve real challenges.  Elevate your domestic plumbing system for :

-- Improved workflow and daily operations

-- Water & energy conservation

-- Risk management & water damage mitigation


Pick well known brands of actuators and add them to your dashboard.  Close risers, zones or the whole building.

  • On/Off type for shut-downs

  • Throttle for flow control

  • Group multiple valves for zone shut downs

  • Pair valves to flood sensors for protection

  • Autonomous valve exercising 

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